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Microsoft Excel Refresher On-demand (3-001)

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This self-paced training course will help refresh participants’ Excel skills, thereby increasing productivity within their industry. Participants will be taught tips and tricks for everyday use of Excel with specific examples. The module contains simulations and examples of the concepts. Participants are encouraged to have dual screens so they can pull up Excel and practice along with the training. Participants will have a quiz at the end to assess their learning.
 Learn how to use the fill handle;
 Learn easy ways to select and move various content on a spreadsheet;
 Create formulas;
 Use Format Painter and paste special;
 Import data;
 Format columns and rows;
 How to use the text to columns;
 Create graphics and maps; and
 How to link data.

Delivery Method: On-Demand Length of Course: ~ 30 minutes Contact Information: 888-272-4494 option 6 OR info@solarity.c...

  • Introduction
  • Microsoft Excel Training
  • Training Evaluation Survey
  • Congratulations
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed